SUTRAM is a Sydney based textile house founded by Kate Fowler and Rukaiya Daud. 

The name SUTRAM is in reference to the Sanskrit and Tamil word, lightly translated to string or thread, plan or overarching formula. Sutras must be concise, meaningful and true.

It is a sentiment that resonates in both the depth of its meaning and in the more literal sense of the cotton offering. It is their belief that with intention, through respect for craft and community and our resources, this humble thread can be woven into something more.  



"All colours are friends of their neighbours, and lovers of their opposites"

- Mark Chagall

When collating the SUTRAM palette, we were driven by this idea - of how a colour might speak to the next, to balance or anchor one another through contrast or rapport. 

Arriving at a spectrum 10 colours, we gravitated toward each in their own right but also for the lines that could be drawn between them.

Designed to be used interchangeably, we see our colours as 'unbundled' building blocks - with different scenes evolving over time as you layer and rearrange pieces, or gradually add to your collection.  

The even finish of our percale fabric honours colour with real depth, overlaid with a matte-ness that gives bolder tones the scope to occupy space more gently.

Some colours may call you while others may not, which is the idea really. Our hope is to just provide the options, and some synergies - for each sleeper to  make their own - be it all-white serenity or a riot of colour.  


KF + RD of Studio Sutram



Our cotton is sourced, woven and crafted in India by responsible suppliers.

Our bedwear is made from 300 thread count, GOTS and Fairtrade certified organic cotton sourced from a collective of 15,000 small-scale farmers across the Maharashtra, Odessa and Andhra Pradesh regions. 

Woven using a simple one-over one-under technique, our signature percale is tight yet breathable. Offering strength with lightness - the smooth, hotel-crisp result is both cool and gentle to the touch. The longer staple fibres of organic cotton make for an even softer and more durable product that resists pilling and fading and grows better with time. 

Our 'accents' range is made using a soft yet nubby-textured, heavyweight 250gsm cotton canvas, coloured with non-toxic azo-free dyes.

Our bolsters are filled with a naturally renewable fibre found in the seed pods of the kapok tree. Compostable and biodegradable, it provides a vegan, cruelty-free alternative to down and a safe alternative to petroleum-based foam.



To us, the bed represents our shared humanity — connecting us to our own spaces, our daily rhythms, and the universal need for sleep. It is a metaphor for the warmth of an embrace; a refuge and home; a source of daily retreat and renewal. 


We value the art and skill of craft, and regard the tradition steeped process of creation to be as meaningful as the final output. Whether the vibrancy of pigment or the texture of woven fabrics, these tactile elements remind us of the importance of making by hand, owning things made by individuals, and seeking the deeper story behind everything.


A bed is a place, a feeling, a container between today and tomorrow. It’s the setting for many of life’s most authentically felt moments, and—alone or together—where our truest selves can unfold. We find beauty in the layering of it all: the raw and the real, the funny and the heartfelt, the mundane and the momentous, the nuanced blends of that personify our experiences.


We see colour as a punctuating source of inspiration—a conduit for capturing our imaginations, lifting our mood, and communicating in new ways. Colour (and its combinations) create atmospheres to live inside, natural extensions of ourselves that heighten our surroundings, express our present moods, and communicate in ways words cannot.