Long Bolster in Canvas

Long Bolster in Canvas

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Made in a heavyweight, soft yet nubby textured, cotton canvas weave. Corners are slightly rounded. Made using azo-free, non-toxic dyes. 

A custom inner is included, made from kapok - a natural and renewable, compostable and biodegradable material. Kapok is a cruelty free alternative to down and a safer alternative to petroleum-based poly foams. 

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Slightly rounded edges. Invisible zip closure.
Custom kapok inner included
250gsm textured canvas weave
Azo-free, non-toxic dyes
100% cotton
Made in India

To best maintain shape wash on a gentle cycle and dry flat in the shade

Alternatively, you may dry clean. We recommend you use an eco-friendly drycleaner where possible


We don't accept returns on gift cards.

Environment and Impact

For a product that is safer for you, workers and the environment, SUTRAM accents are made using azo free, non-toxic dyes. This means:

- no heavy metals
- no chlorine
- no formaldehyde
- no chromes or fasteners used

The custom inner is filled with fibre from the seed pods of the kapok tree, which is:

- natural and renewable
- compostable and biodegradable
- a vegan and cruelty free alternative to down
- a safe alternative to petroleum-based poly foams

Our Dehli-based supplier has worked to engage, upskill and educate brands, consumers and artisans in better practices for over two decades

They operate an initiative for at-risk women that aims to break the cycle of disadvantage by offering valuable skills and financial empowerment, the benefits of which flow on to their families and communities

Long Bolster in Canvas

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